+ 1. Do you have a Float Baby app?

Yes! You can download it here.

+ 2. Can I use my Mindbody login from other places?

Yes. You will need to create a Float Baby profile with the same user and login as your other facilities.

+ 3. Where can I find pricing and class schedules?

All of our class descriptions with pricing can be found here.

+ 4. How do I book a class?

You can book through our Float Baby app, call us at (832)819-8380, or click here.

+ 5. How do I book a class using a gift card?

If you received an email gift card, locate the gift card i.d. on the electronic gift card and input it as your gift card payment at checkout. If you received a plastic gift card, please call us to apply it to your account after you have created a profile.

+ 6. Can I pay in cash when I arrive?

No. For the safety of our employees, we request all transactions to be made online with a credit card prior to your visit.

+ 7. How do I cancel my class?

You may cancel your class by signing into your account via the website or Float Baby app. You may also call us to cancel it for you at (832)819-8380.

+ 8. What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is 6 hours without penalty. Under 6 hour cancellations will not receive credit for the class. We do not offer refunds on classes, but you are welcome to request an unused class to be transferred to a gift card for a friend. Please note: if you purchased a discounted class package, only the value of the class will be transferred, not the full retail value.

+ 9. What if I have unused classes that I want to give to a friend?

You are welcome to request an unused class to be transferred to a gift card for a friend. Please note: if you purchased a discounted class package, only the value of the class will be transferred, not a single class at the full retail value.

+ 10. Can I bring my own swim diaper?

We provide swim diapers for your convenience and ask that you leave yours at home. We use a quick snap diaper that allows for quick removal and do not have plastic bags to send home a soggy diaper with you.

+ 11. Do I have to get in the water with my baby?

No. You will stand tub-side while your baby Floats. Short sleeves are encouraged, as you will be playing with the water toys and touching your baby under the water. Little toes love to be tickled during Floating!

+ 12. What should I wear and bring to my class?

Dressing in layers is encouraged as the room is kept at a warmed temperature for the babies. Short sleeves and comfortable pants are best for playing with your baby in the water and sitting on the mats for infant massage time.

+ 13. How long does each session last?

Approximately one hour.

+ 14. Can I bring a guest? How many?

Yes. We ask that no more than 2 guests accompany your baby(ies) as our space is small and we like to keep a calm environment. If you have extended family or friends that would like to join, please call us the day before to check if your class time would allow for extra visitors. We will do our best to accommodate.

+ 15. Are my other children allowed to come and watch?

We do not allow guests under 12 years of age, no exceptions. You may book a private session if you would like to have your other children enjoy the fun!

+ 16. How many babies are in one class at a time?

Three families may book in one class. Each baby will Float in their own fresh tub of water. Twins Float together unless you purchase a second tub.

+ 17. Will my baby float with other babies?

No, unless you are a family with twins/multiples. In this case they will Float together.

+ 18. HI want to book a class at the same time as a friend but our babies are in different age groups, what can we do?

We like to keep the 8 week and under babies together prior to being fully immunized. An older baby (Whale) may not join a Minnows class. It is at your discretion to place your Minnow in a Whales class prior to being fully immunized. We don’t recommend it, but you are welcome to make your own decision as your situation dictates.

+ 19. What if my baby wakes up sick the day of our session?

We want your baby to be well when he/she Floats. We also want to limit exposure to illness for both parents and babies. If you or your baby wake up sick on the day of your Float, please call us as soon as possible so that we can offer your time to another family.

+ 20. What if I’m running late due to traffic?

Floating is the first 20 minutes of class. We will get your baby in the water as soon as possible when you arrive. No credit for late cancelling your session due to traffic.

+ 21. What’s the age limit and how often do you recommend attending?

We can begin Floating your baby as early as 2 weeks, or when the umbilical cord is dried. We do not take babies after they have turned 6 months of age. We recommend coming once per week for the benefits that Floating can provide.

+ 22. My baby hasn’t been born yet. How far in advance should I book?

Most people book online after they get home and settled when the baby arrives. You can usually get in the same week, or the next so there is no need to book far in advance until you know your schedule.

+ 23. Why can’t I book a class online for the same day?

Same day appointments must be made by calling us. This is to prevent any scheduling conflicts day of.

+ 24. Why can’t I buy two classes and book them both on the same day (i.e. paying for a friend)?

The system won’t let the same person book twice in the same day. If you are paying for a friend, please call us to place you on the schedule twice for the same session.

+ 25. I have twins, should I book two spots?

No. Choose the day and time that you want and pay for a twins float at checkout. We will see that you are twins and prepare one tub and two mats for you.

+ 26. What should I expect after a float class?

Babies usually sleep 3-5 hours the afternoon of a Float. Less gassiness and fussiness are also a benefit. You may notice that your baby is hungrier today, and you may get a longer, deeper stretch of sleep tonight or tomorrow night. Most babies seem more aware in general, begin to move more, and are noticeably more active at bath time.

+ 27. Do you sell the floatation devices?

Yes! Please visit www.hoverfishbaby.com to purchase your very own floatation device for additional home use.

+ 28. I have a question that isn’t addressed here. Where can I find additional information?

Please send us your question at info@floatbaby.com or call us at 832-819-8380.